Can you imagine your heart pounding in your chest when you have just lost sight of your child for 5 minutes between two aisles at the grocery store?  Now imagine having lost your child for several years , not knowing what he is going through.


We don’t dare ever imagine losing a child for a lifetime …….  We have 5 Babystardusts in our band and there are all our most precious jewels.

It’s just unimaginable.


Because children are precious and childhood is sacred. When an event arises, abruptly ending the life of an adult, a man becomes a widower, a woman becomes a widow, a child becomes an orphan. The only word to describe a parent losing a child is: PAIN.


We artists, live our emotions intensely and our duty as artists  to society is to reflect how people feel and to react, as our artistic voices can help.


When the pain is unbearable, music calms, uplifts and helps.  Music soothes the soul when words no longer ease the pain.


In good and bad times, music unites and  brings a sense of wellbeing.


For around Joshua, music must be significant and engaging with respects to core human values for Dave, JF, David & MC.


Therefore, this is why we will be on stage in one week supporting the Cedrika Provencher Foundation.

Because dramas such as that of Cedrika’s, a young girl full of life who left us too early, can be prevented. Her family courageously shows us that negatives can be transcended to positive regardless the circumstances.


We therefore need to support them and humbly participate through our music to become ambassadors of the cause.

Aj believes firmly in the foundation’s mission. We are convinced that with the implication of citizens of all ages worldwide, we can make a difference.

We wish to join the Cedrika Provencher Foundation towards a common goal, to promote the existence of necessary and useful specialties and compentencies to protect our children and permit a rapid and efficient intervention, in cas a similar drame ever unfolds.


We hereby invite you to attend August 7th at Archibald Trois Rivieres.


In the event you cannot attend, we kindly invite you to make a donation to the Cedrika Provencher Foundation via their website: http://fondationcedrika.ord/dons/


If your budget is tight ……. Always be engaged citizens, but foremost be all humans attentive to other and guardians of the sanctity of childhood.


Others’ children will always be somewhat yours, as in the end, they are tomorrow’s future.

-Dave, JF, David & MC


Our new music video for “One two three” is here!

give it a share,like and comment!!

This song is about awareness of our time here on this planet. We hope you’ll enjoy your time with your loved ones. With this song we wanted to share a few thoughts about the meaning of life. Enjoy every minute of it folks, cause in the end life goes as fast as 1-2-3!


What fun we had with the crew of Global Tv in Montreal. We performed an acoustic version of one two three and had a nice chat with, super mom to be, Laura Casella. We actually surprised her with a special gift for her new baby to be.

You missed it? Don’t worry we saved the video right here for you folks! 😀

Around Joshua has a new sound

Around Joshua had the chance to work on their new album with a producer who has worked with the likes of AC/DC and Aerosmith. Global’s Laura Casella is joined by the Trois-Rivieres band to talk about their new album The trees are singing.

We must introduce you to Mathilde Cinq-Mars, an amazing artist who created the artwork for our new album The trees are singing. It seems she really understood our songs, our meaning and our vibes. With her talent she embellished our music and lyrics. Big shout out for Mathilde it was a blessing working with you for our album.


Born in Quebec, Mathilde Cinq-Mars is a graduate of the Université de Strasbourg in visual arts. She has worked as a freelance illustrator for the last five years for many publishers and magazines.  She is the illustrator of ten children’s books and graphic novels. She lives and works in Trois-Rivières, with her daughter and a lot of dried flowers. 



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  • Plaisir de Vie – Living with style
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  • (A venir/ Forthcoming) Moitié de poulet / Catherine Gaillard / Edition Planète rebelle / 2019 / Montreal
  • (A venir/ Forthcoming) Clarence’s Big Secret / Christine MacGregor Cation &  Roy MacGregor/ Owlkids Book / 2019 / Toronto
  • (A venir/ Forthcoming) My Mommy, My Mama, My Brother and Me / Natalie Meisner / Nimbus Publishing / 2018 / Toronto
  • Nos héroïnes / Anais Barbeau-Lavalette / Edition Marchand de feuilles / 2018 / Montréal
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Mathilde’s website