around joshua’s songs are uplifting and melancholic. Their musical signature is characterized by a unique layering of vocals, guitars, keyboards as well as their indie-melody sound with a bit of Brit-rock.


across Canada and Europe

They shared the stage with many artists such as Jakob Dylan, Patrick Watson, DJ Champion, The Dears, Karkwa, Malajube, We Are Wolves and many more.  


Their track “Same Star” was featured on the soundtrack of the American movie Rehab, produced by David Caruso (C.S.I Miami).

In 2013, RDS Sports Network featured the tracks “Eternally”, “Hold On” and “Sometimes” before every Montreal Canadians hockey game. 


cassiopeiae noks produced by:
Jordon Zadorozny
(Sam Roberts, Melissa Auf Der Maur)

The trees are singing produced by:
Mike Fraser
(Metallica, AC/DC, Aerosmith)

Band Members

Dave Talbo

Dave Talbo

Guitar, Vocals

Enigmatic leader of the band, Dave Talbo sings, composes, writes lyrics, plays guitar and produces the band. Dave started to hear and create melodic songs during his childhood, since then he never stoped. Inspired by humanity, life, love, and beyond Dave is a well established artist. He is also known for his great production skills for the local music industry in Quebec. He is an old school thinker. He takes his time to do something well and doesn’t mind if it takes a while for the next big step. Staying true to his sounds, Dave ensures the band will always have something inspiring to share that goes beyond time, place, and trends.

JF Houde

JF Houde


JF is the funniest kickass drummer you’ll ever meet. Always in a good mood he manages the beat like no other. A gifted artist, JF also plays bass. He is definitely the rock of the band. He is well familiarized with the music industry and shares his talent on stage since the early 2000’s.

David Leclerc

David Leclerc


Loud sounds, some distortion, great fingers, David Leclerc has been bassist for around joshua for a while now. His contribution to the band’s sound is significant as well as his stage presence. The stage is where he loves to be.

AJ’S Band History


After a while playing as a solo artist singer-songwriter Dave Talbo, in Trois-Rivières, Quebec created around joshua.


In 2006 around joshua released their 1st EP Reversed, which quickly gave the band exposure and fans in their native province.


aj released the album Cassiopeiae Noks, produced by Jordon Zadorozny (Sam Roberts, Melissa Auf Der Maur distributed coast to coast in Canada by outside music.


around joshua enlisted veteran producer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, Franz Ferdinand, etc.) to work on their new release The trees are singing. The album was recorded in Morin Heights (Quebec) at Mayk Music Studios and at Armoury Studios (Vancouver) and was mastered at Sterling Sound (New York) by Greg Calby.


aj released two officials new video as well as the album The trees are singing. The album is available everywhere online and on store. First songs of the album one two three is playing on radio and on stingray. around joshua is starting the trees are singing tours this summer with gigs in Quebec, Ontario on different events and festivals.

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